Skin care tips

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Skin care tips, morning, evening, and week care are indispensable

Skin knowledge

Morning care

1. Cleansing: In the morning, clean the face with a milder cleansing product; the skin with thin cuticles, fragile skin and sensitive skin can be washed directly with water.

2. Water: Choose a suitable toner according to your skin condition; MM that wash your face directly with water needs to be combined with cotton pad, and the face is cleaned twice with toner.

3, lotion / cream: use a refreshing lotion or cream to lock the skin moisture, keep the skin moist.

4, isolation sunscreen: apply sunscreen half an hour before going out, after applying sunscreen for 10 minutes, you can follow the makeup step.

Night care

1, clean the makeup remover: first remove the makeup (only apply sunscreen is also need to remove makeup), and then choose a moderately clean product for facial cleansing, apply the sunscreen products behind the ears and the neck should not be ignored.

2, water: use the toner to make the foundation for hydrating the skin.

3, muscle bottom fluid (can be omitted): use a muscle base fluid to promote the absorption of subsequent skin care products.

4, the essence: superimposed essence or efficacy products after the muscle base.

5, lotion / cream: Finally, apply a lotion or cream.

Cycle care

1, mask: one week according to skin needs, use 2-3 times mask.

2, deep cleansing, exfoliation: regular exfoliation and deep cleansing of the skin, oily skin 1-2 times a week, sensitive skin and dry skin once a week. After that, follow-up skin care is done with a hydrating mask or a product that has the effect of shrinking pores.

The above-mentioned early, late, and weekly care of these essential skin care tips, are you getting it?

Beautiful tips

1. Unless the product has special instructions, whitening products should not be used during the day.

2, morning care should choose a light and comfortable product, which is conducive to the subsequent makeup; efficacy products in the evening, is conducive to skin absorption, play the maximum effect of skin care products.

3, regular exfoliation and deep cleansing, remove deep garbage and excess stratum corneum, is conducive to the absorption of daily skin care products, help skin care products to maximize the effect.

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