How to do blush in winter

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1, pay attention to keep warm

Whether it is because of the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, or dry skin, warmth is the most critical step.

Don't let your face get cold, be blown by the wind, be exposed to the sun, especially those with thin skin, and bring a mask in winter. If the face feels dry, it is necessary to replenish water in time, and wash your face with warm water. People with a history of facial frostbite should often rub their faces in the winter to promote blood circulation.

In addition, regular participation in physical exercise is much more resistant than not often participating in physical exercise. The disease resistance is also much stronger. Therefore, we must actively participate in physical exercise in order to improve our resistance.

2. Pay attention to skin care

In addition to keeping warm, winter skin care is also very important. Because of the cold weather and dry skin, it is more prone to red face and hot face. The phenomenon of blushing on the face is mainly due to the fact that the stratum corneum is weak, so it is necessary to strengthen the stratum corneum of the skin, so that the face no longer appears to be often blushing.

Enhance the stratum corneum of the skin by taking some grape seeds, removing free radicals from the body, comprehensively improving the tolerance of the skin, forming a protective film on the skin, and repairing the red blood on the face that has already formed.

3, pay attention to diet

People who are prone to blush should eat less foods that increase blood vessels, such as coffee, tea, cola and other caffeine-containing foods. Adding some vitamin B also helps nerve repair and can calm the nerves.

In addition, you should avoid sun exposure, alcohol, spicy and irritating foods, less angry, nervous or over-excited, as these will cause redness on the face.

4, clean the skin at the right time

The temperature outside the winter is low, so don't do any cleaning work including bathing immediately after returning home. Because the skin takes a while to warm up, exposure to hot water before warming can cause the skin to suddenly become irritated and redden, causing or even aggravating red blood. And according to the skin's biological clock properties, the skin condition is very unstable at 8-9 o'clock in the evening, and it is best to perform cleansing, bathing or other maintenance work before 8 o'clock or after 9 o'clock.

5, choose the right cleanser

Washing your face with an inappropriate cleanser may also make your cheeks more prone to redness and redness. It is recommended to choose a mild facial cleanser that does not contain soap and irritating ingredients. In general, cleansing face no less than twice a day, but in the winter or if the skin is not very oily, you can wash your face in the morning without washing your face.

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